The Straits Trading Company Limited

The founding history of The Straits Trading Company Limited can be traced to the 19th century with the formation of a partnership for tin smelting between James Sword, a Scottish businessman, and Herman Muhlinghaus, a German entrepreneur. The partnership evolved successfully to become one of the largest tin smelters in the world. The Straits Trading Company Limited was incorporated on 8th November 1887 with an initial capital of $150,000.

Backed by more than 120 years of prudent and astute business management, the Group today has grown to an investment holding company with shareholders’ funds of $1,097,260,000 as at 31st December 2009. Its business interests have diversified and span the Asia Pacific region. Apart from tin smelting, the company further expanded its business in the late 1990s to include other areas such as property holding and development, hospitality management & investment, investment and fund management, and media advertising.

In April 2008, Straits Trading was acquired by The Cairns Pte Ltd, a member of the Tecity Group. It is a privately-held investment group of companies founded by the late banker and philanthropist, Tan Sri (Dr) Tan Chin Tuan, who was also Chairman of Straits Trading for more than 20 years since 1965.

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Malaysia Smelting Corporation Berhad (MSC)

The MSC Group is currently one of the world’s leading integrated producers of tin metal and tin-based products and a global leader in custom tin smelting since 1887. In 2009, the Group produced 44,162 tonnes of tin metal, maintaining its global position as the third largest supplier of tin metal.

With its core expertise and solid foundation of over a century of smelting excellence to its credit, MSC's smelting facility in Butterworth operates one of the most cost efficient smelting plants in the world converting primary, secondary and often complex tin bearing ores into high purity tin metal for industrial application. The plant has a production capacity of approximately 35,000 tonnes of refined tin a year.

The MSC Straits refined tin brand is registered at the London Metal Exchange (LME) and Kuala Lumpur Tin Market (KLTM) and accepted worldwide. The purity of MSC tin ranges from the standard Grade A (99.85% Sn) to the premium grade electrolytic tin (99.99% Sn).

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Straits Developments Private Limited

Straits Trading's property development arm was established in the early 1960s. As both property developer and builder, Straits Developments has the unique ability to control every aspect of a real estate development project, and ensure that quality remains a constant and common objective. Our real estate developments span all sectors including luxury apartment developments, prestigious commercial projects, 4- and 5-star hotels and historic buildings.

Straits Developments comprises a team of highly experienced technical and management experts, all of whom have been instrumental in the development and construction of a large number of prestigious projects such as the iconic 21-storey Straits Trading Building on Battery Road in 1972, which was then one of the earliest landmark structures in a business district; and fully integrated and self-contained commercial and retail malls like Great Eastern Centre and China Square Central. In 2009, Straits Developments completed the redeveloped Straits Trading Building. The new 28-storey building cost $60 million and was officially opened in 2010.

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Rendezvous Hospitality Group Private Limited

Headquartered in Singapore, Rendezvous Hospitality Group (RHG) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Straits Trading. Established in July 2009, RHG combines the hotel assets of Straits Trading with its hospitality management arm, the 12-year-old Rendezvous Hotels & Resorts International.

With RHG's two hotel brands, Rendezvous and The Marque, that includes 3,299 hotel rooms and 15 hotels operational and under development in five countries in the upscale accommodation sector, RHG is committed to creating an exceptional hotel environment, built on a culture and philosophy of delivering quality hotels, professional services and genuine value for business travelers.

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